Sizzle into Summer

Wondering what you can't live without this summer?... Well I have listed out five MUST haves that we should all be running out to get today! These are also my personal go-to's this summer season. 

1. Crop Tops

2. Espadrilles

3.  A Good Pair of Sunnies

4. High Waisted Swimsuit 

5. Bucket Tote

Marc By Marc Jacobs Metropoli Bucket Tote $306 FARFETCH.COM / TIBI Striped Tie-Front Cropped Top $275 TIBI.COM / Linda Farrow Snakeskin Arm Rosegold Metal Sunglasses $1,220 / Shakuhachi Photo Green Bustier Bikini $171 BONADRAG.COM / KAANAS Shoes Pharoh Metallic Espadrille $150 CALYPSOSTBARTH.COM

Marc By Marc Jacobs Metropoli Bucket Tote $306 FARFETCH.COM / TIBI Striped Tie-Front Cropped Top $275 TIBI.COM / Linda Farrow Snakeskin Arm Rosegold Metal Sunglasses $1,220 / Shakuhachi Photo Green Bustier Bikini $171 BONADRAG.COM / KAANAS Shoes Pharoh Metallic Espadrille $150 CALYPSOSTBARTH.COM

Check out your local boutiques to find some of these must haves. My favorite here in Houston is French Cuff Boutique. If you haven't been in before this is a perfect reason to go check it out! 

Happy Summer :)

- Courtney 

Noah and Sammy

I have had the pleasure of knowing Noah and Sammy's mother Jordan for over a year now. We have worked together ever since and I couldn't be more thankful for her support. As I got to know Jordan, the more I learned about Noah and Sammy's story. They are two amazing kids who have defeated all odds and continue to surprise. Every now and then Jordan will bring Sammy shopping with her and I'm always greeted with the best hug one could ask for! It's little moments like that, that show me how much love they pass around from one person to the next. They inspire you to always push yourself and to defeat all odds that may stand in your way. Their family is incredibly strong which, has allowed Noah and Sammy  to stand even stronger. Nothing can stop them from being who they are: gentle, kind, loving, strong, and most of all, inspiring to everyone! 

I wanted to share with you all Noah and Sammy's story so they can touch your life just as they have touched mine!

- Courtney 

Mix & Match

Mix and match is what they are saying in the fashion world! Well mix and match what... everything, I say! Fashion is like an art form and your style is what you make out of it. In that case we should all step out of our comfort zone and create bold fashion statements by mixing and matching patters, fabrics, colors, and trends. It's a playful way to add a pop of creativity to your everyday wardrobe. 

One of my favorite things to mix and match is a stripe. It pairs back nicely to many different patterns without looking overwhelming. Give it a try this spring! Take anything striped in your closet and pair it back to a different pattern also sitting in your closet. Share with me your picks. I would love to see how bold you can go! 

Heather Floral Crop Top / Heather High Waisted Striped Pencil Skirt / Elizabeth and James Monroe Cuff / Wardrobe courtesy of French Cuff Boutique 

- Courtney 

Top 5 Makeup Colors for Summer

Summer is right around the corner and our makeup might need some updating. Check out my top 5 makeup colors to try this summer... Hot Pink, Teal, Yellow, Purple, and Orange. You can try these colors in any shade and apply as your lip color, eyeliner, nail polish, eye shadow, or whatever seems fit for you. Now don't be scared to try these colors out! Our personal style is what we make it, so have fun and make the colors as bold or as tame as you're comfortable with. See below to where you can find these summer MUST HAVES! 

- Courtney 

Mac Show Orchid dupe Showstopper Lipstick- $ 7.99 / Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream Hyperliner $15 / NARS Blow- Up Nail Polish $20 / Lance Purple Liner Design $25 / Chanel Le Vernis Nail Color $27 


Certified Personal Image Consultant

I wanted to let you all in on what I have been doing the past six weeks! I have been taking an amazing personal image consulting course with The Studio for Image Consulting. It was a six week course where we learned all about how to give the best wardrobe consults, how to dress different body types and silhouettes, how to provide the right proportions with clothing, how to become a successful image consultant and provide you all with the possible service and knowledge, and so much more! It was truly a great experience and I feel that much more knowledgeable on being a personal stylist in Houston. After six weeks of work I can officially say I am certified as a personal image consultant. If anyone is looking to take on a career in the field I would highly suggest this course. Go to to learn more!

- Courtney 

Dressy Meets Casual

This is by far one of my favorite tops! It's perfect dressed up and even better paired back to a great pair of denim and some pony hair sneakers. It's an easy outfit and takes no effort... who doesn't like the sound of that! 

 Bailey 44 Drop Shot Top / DL1961 Florence Jeans in Scorch /  Wanderluster Sunbright Earrings / Wardrobe courtesy of French Cuff Boutique

Spring Trends

I know it may not feel like it, but spring is right around the corner! It's time to clean out our closet's, get our wardrobe organized, and spice up our style with new spring clothes.  Check out my spring styling in French Cuff Boutique's brand new trend video. It will give you great ideas of the best on trend looks for spring! 

- Courtney 

Wardrobe courtesy of French Cuff Boutique.



LBD: Little Black Dress

It’s something we should already have in our closet's and should stay there forever... but here are some tips to freshen up that LBD!

1.     Add a belt to a LBD to create more shape and add a little texture.

2.     Throw on a statement shoe with a LBD to elevate the look. Also, incorporate color with your shoe.

3.     Put your hair in a bun and lather on some red lips to create an edgy style.

4.     Use a LBD as a canvas and paint your style onto it.

5.  Don't forget to play around with different bags. A great cross body during the day and a clutch in the evening is a great place to begin. 

6.     And remember you can do no wrong when wearing a LBD!

Fifteen Twenty Sean Dress / Linea Pelle Belt with Matte Studs / Linea Pelle Grayson Clutch / Elizabeth and James Vide Ring / wardrobe courtesy of French Cuff Boutique

Miss Chloée

I wanted to introduce my furry little assistant to everyone! She has been with me from the beginning of this crazy roller coaster and has been there to support me… and by support I mean laying on my lap and making it difficult to type, trying eat my fingers because for some reason that is her thing, and by giving me “the stare” to play and give all my attention to her (which it already does). She’s my adorable little fur baby and I wanted to share her cuteness with all of you! If you need a pick me up for the day… take a look at Miss Chloée. She will be sure to put a smile on anyone’s face :)

- Courtney 

Houston Here I Come

I’m so happy to announce that Courtney Brown, Stylist is open and ready to take on Houston.  All the checks have been marked off the master list… the final one being today as I launch my website, This has been one heck of a roller coaster, but honestly I hope it never ends!

Check back for updates on all the greatest fashion trends, tips and tricks, and to hear what I have been up to in the greater Houston area. Also, please feel free to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Click the social media icons at the bottom of the page and they will link you directly to the page.

I hope everyone is having a great Monday! Today marks my first official day of being open so my Monday has been one for the books.

- Courtney